Checking out the song list whilst playing at Wed Zeppelin

Nebyooblog is the musings of one Michael Chadwick, a.k.a. Nebyoolae. If you enjoy writings on making music, and the analysis of musicks made, then you’re at the right place. My other love, that of programming, moved here.

I chose my online moniker many years ago and it’s what I use to identify myself almost everywhere on the Internet. “Doing stuff on the computer” has been a hobby since I played Oregon Trail and learned about HyperCard back in junior high. Making music and building websites came around the mid-1990s.

Besides making just my own music (sketches and ideas are here, too), I’ve also dabbled in projects with others. The most notable one is Pure Yellow Colour. My friend Kathy and I joined forces and made a pretty cool acoustic rock duo. We put out an album, played a bunch of open-mics, played a few long-form shows, and generally made each other better musicians (maybe). I’ve also jammed several times with my friend Russ, as well as some others. He plays drums and I play guitar and we let that…occur for several hours every few months. We play in his Man Cave. In the last few years, more people have joined us and we formed Fly Like Venus, which still rocks out from time to time.

Need someone to play some guitar at your social event? Hit me up.

I tend to get lost in making web or music projects, and when that current obsession is done, I’ll usually chase it by getting engrossed in playing some video game until I either finish it or think of another web or music project to do (see the vicious cycle there?).

My personage made up 1/3 of The Escort Mission and its triumphant podcast. It is now defunct, but all the episodes are online to listen to for free. The same three dudes reconvened years later to make Quibblings, which is also now defunct, but the content is there for the listening.

My wife is a blogger, baker, photographer, and general computer expert.

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