Some basic info, to catch up for many years of no blogging:

  • I’m about to turn 39 in a few days
  • I have a daughter who recently turned 5
  • I’m going to celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary next month
  • I still program (
  • I still work by the beach (, and have since mid-2016
  • I’m still in a band (
  • I still make my own music, too (
  • I still own a dog, who is now almost 9 years old

Skimming through my wife’s old blog, I was reminded of the joy that typing out some words every once in a while can bring. Sure, Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and WhatHaveYou have all been around for years, and essentially serve the purpose of broadcast journaling. However, they are all about the micro soundbite, and not about the mulling of thoughts over various paragraphs that blogging brings to the table. I’d like to get back to it.

Think of this post as a new beginning (again), as I once again get back into the (good) habit. For now, I must away to pick up the Small Human and possibly play some Katamari on the Nintendo Switch.

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