Inbox for Dec 9, 2010

Welcome to machine

This is the state of my Gmail Inbox today, December 9th, 2010, my 30th birthday. Most of these came in last night, but you get the gist. Also, this is not the first year that I’ve gotten a flurry of birthday wishes from automated mail daemons, but it’s the first time I’ve posted about it on this blog.

Yes, I’m now 30 years-old. Not really that old for our time, but significant. It’s been an enjoyable stay, this existence here on Earth in our reality, and for the most part I can’t really complain with any gravitas. I have a sweet wife, a sweet house, and great friends and family. I’ve got both rhythm and music. I’m loved.

A retrospective on what’s occurred during my 29th year will have to wait until 2011, as I don’t want to shortchange the rest of 2010, but it’s been a good year.

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