The Day Before the Day Before Christmas

Christmas 2010. It’s almost upon us. TWO-THOUSAND TEN. We are living in the FUTURE, MAAAAAAN.

After a fairly uneventful short work week, wherein the most exciting thing that happened was that the copier which usually sits directly behind me got pushed closer to me due to some leak that created a sizable puddle near it, I drove home from work for the last time in 2010. My way home was enhanced by a really incredible double rainbow in the sky. The illusion that I was driving ever nearer to it was cool, if a bit disappointing. I want that pot of gold.

I’m in OC now with Robyn and the in-laws. The drive up here was great because there was NO RAIN (doo duh doo dooooooo). Music was blasted, greasy fast food was eaten, and miles were put behind me as I drove through the night. Ominous clouds loomed overhead but, except for a 10-second spot half the way there, no precipitation was experienced.

We’re being ushered from the home for a cleaning lady who has just showed up, so it is time to end this road marker. More news as it develops.

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