The Day After the Day After the Day After Christmas (Finished A Day Later, Even)


It’s always good to be home. Changes in routine and environment are often welcome, but nothing quite beats returning to that which is safe and known and comfortable. Lots of family and eating last week has turned into a bit of friends and less eating this week.


So, what awesome stuff did I get this year? Besides the leftover Amazon gift card remainder from my birthday that has been increased due to another Amazon gift card from my mom for Christmas, I got several cool things.

First and foremost, a new car stereo. My Saturn is 7 years-old and until recently still been using the stock stereo. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it (except for some low-end crackle that’s annoying), but it had no auxiliary input. This meant having to use an RF adapter for my iPod (and later iPhone) if I wanted custom tunes that couldn’t be burned to a regular audio CD. The CD player wasn’t even working properly as skipping backwards on a disc often made the unit “crash” and hang for a minute or so before rebooting to the beginning of the CD. Now I can use the CD player as intended, and it takes CD-R and CD-RW with MP3s on it! But better than that is that it has a USB port so I can charge and play my iPhone directly through the stereo. Years of using less-than-ideal RF penance has finally paid off. Robyn saw where I hurt and bandaged me up good.

Robyn’s parents got us two cool things: 1) a Keurig coffeemaker, the kind that takes those single-serving K-cups (as well as a single-serving filtered coffee amount of your choice), and 2) an HP wifi printer that does double-sided printing without needing to flip the page. The latter has a touchscreen with tons of little apps like an iPhone that allow you to connect to certain services to print things from them, which is also pretty cool.

I got lots of other cool things from lots of people, and it turned out to be a really swank Christmas.

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