Ever since I was no longer forced to read by school, I pretty much stopped. Except for the nets and a magazine here and there, I don’t read any long-form things like several-hundred-page dead-tree things very often. I need a crazy amount of focus and a crazy lack of distraction to even get into the groove of trying to read.

That being said, and then this being said, I have started to read a little more thanks to the iBooks app on my iPhone. I tried out the Kindle app a while ago, but then my drive died. Choosing to pick it back up again via iBooks was pretty arbitrary, but the app coming with a free copy of Winnie-the-Pooh didn’t hurt.

I’ve since read several short stories (gotta start small so I don’t lost interest) by both Philip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut. My only long-form novel so far has been Ayn Rand’s Anthem. I’m about to finish a sample of Name of the Wind, a novel lauded by several of my friends, and I definitely want to read more once it’s over.

My only gripe with iBooks? No OS X/Win app! Amazon’s got the Kindle, Kindle Win/Mac app, and an iPhone app, and they all sync. Apple has dropped the ball on this one. For shame!

Despite a promising initial attempt to turn reading into a full-time hobby, I’ve lost a bit of focus, as predicted. I suspect with the portability of having nearly limitless books in my phone, however, that I’ll keep picking it up here and there. Progress, man.

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