I…Used to Like the Rain

It’s been raining for, like, 4 days straight now. I drove to and from work yesterday in the rain, and then to a friend’s house in back, and again to work today. All of it with wiper blades on and hard-to-see roads. It unnerves me.

I’ve always remembered enjoying rain. I don’t mind getting a little wet from sky-wise precipitation. Listening to it fall while ensconced inside with hot cocoa is a Hallmark moment I can still enjoy. However, when I have to drive in it or I’ve forgotten my umbrella during a torrential downpour then rain goes from “cool” to “ugh”.

My only car accident (save for backing into something or scraping a sidewalk) has been in the rain. I spun out on a highway, got nicked by another car, and crashed into a guardrail. Terrifying is the least of its attributes. So when I drive in the rain now and my car loses a bit of traction, my mind still kind of PTSDs a little. Last night, I was almost backed into and side-swiped within a minute of leaving my house. To say that my thoughts of impending doom are crystallizing into a hard chunk of fear diamond would be an understatement at times.


Living in SoCal means not having to deal with this that often, so the past few days have been surreal. It’ll end soon…right?

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