Holiday Hijinks


Robyn and I decided to decorate our house for Christmas today. We already had our 4′ fake tree up on an end table next to the living room window, a wreath was hung from the front door, and our stockings were hung on a nearby bookshelf, but we hadn’t put up any lights! Lights are what make any holiday worth its salt…worth its NaCl.

After putting up some rudimentary ornamentation on the porch stairs we then started adorning the living room window. We noticed the strand of lights was pretty long. Longer than was needed to secure the perimeter of the window itself…so we just kinda went crazy. Snaking the lights along the wall lead to going over the TV, over a bookcase, across the beam that tops the opening to our kitchen, and straight up the wall to the third floor finally stopping at the ceiling itself! Energized by our blatant disregard for restraint, we went to the store and got even more lights. The short wall behind our couch as well as part of the stairway leading from the living room to the front entryway is now bedecked with colorful illumination.

The video above is worth many more words than I just typed, but if you can’t/won’t watch moving pictures synchronized with my nerdy voice then my paragraphs have done their job.

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