30th Birthday Weekend

Making a big deal out of my birthday has never really been a high priority, but when you have a significant amount of friends, and you have close family, well…it just kind of becomes that way. Sorta.

From the evening of Wednesday, December 8th, until the evening of Sunday, December 12th, my birthday was just kinda around.

On Wednesday I went to dinner at Studio Diner with a small group of friends, much like I did last year. It’s a swell little joint that has probably blown up in popularity due to it being on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives show on the Food Network. Except for outside, where it was cold, the inside was pretty packed. We ordered a super sampler plate for all, and I got a nice ham and cheese melt with waffle fries. Someone else got an entire fish, fried up like it was the heart of Texas. We were all impressed. Two others split a banana split that was eventually passed around the table. Afterward, we all went to someone’s house and played with a Kinect. Dancing in Dancing Central leaves me sweaty and tired. I am old.

Thursday, my actual birthday day, was relatively light on activity. Robyn and I ordered pizza for dinner (Papa John’s website is quite awesome now), and she made cookies. Friday, after work some friends came over and we chatted and played Rock Band 3.

Saturday was the day of my official birthday party where I invite all people who live in the area (and even some who don’t (and they came!)) to hang out at our place for a while. Dozens of people showed up and it warmed the cold cockles of my heart. I got bunches of cards and gifts and it was chaos. Lots of people have kids and they like to run around and fall down on the floor. Kim actually came all the way from OC and brought her girlfriend and even her kids. Her boys are totally people now (i.e. they are almost 10 years-old and can have conversations and are not easily impressed by funny pictures on the wall). Other friends’ kids are not as old and either at the not-talking-at-all phase or at the laughs-at-all-things phase, so it was kind of nice. We played Super Mario Galaxy and Boom Blox on the Wii, as well as Rock Band, because Rock Band is still often played in a group setting. The game playing happened downstairs while the general-socializing-and-food-grazing occurred upstairs.

Once a good portion of the people left, there were still a few of us around so we generally just sat upstairs and chatted. I made some espresso-based hazelnut lattes, because I got one from Robyn, and they were good. I’m a barista now. Eventually everyone but Jimmy had left, so he, I, and Robyn went downstairs and played more Rock Band. This is significant because JIMMY WAS APART OF IT. He has not been too keen on it for a long while, so the fact that he voluntarily chose to be within its grasp is of note. Robyn went to bed around 10-ish and Jimmy and I played for another two hours until he left for the night.

Sunday was spent largely socializing with Robyn’s parents, her brother, and her brother’s girlfriend. First, we decorated cookies that Robyn had baked earlier in the day, and then I and her father opened our respective birthday gifts (yes, it was his birthday weekend, too). Our AirPort Express, used for wireless speakers and wireless printing, had bitten the bullet upon moving to our house, so the gift of a new one was welcome. We also got this handy picture hanger thinger, which will be used soon (primarily to hang the awesome custom art that Kim and her family made for me). After those activities had drawn to a close we all went to Piatti’s in La Jolla for dinner and ate way too much extremely awesome food. The risotto was especially good, and I should NOT have eaten it all. Robyn and I came home and were pretty blorg for the rest of the evening.

And now it’s Monday, and I’m back at work. Awesome weekend was awesome.

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