The State of Michael

I’m feeling two things right now. One, hungry, because my breakfast has left me and I’m not particularly busy, giving me ample energy to waste on not not feeling hungry. Two, cold, because it is cold in the office.

Thanksgiving 2010 is in precisely two days. As we do most often, Robyn and I will be going up to OC to have it with her family. It was really nice back in 2007(?) when my mom flew out to have it with us at the house we were renting at the time.

My 30th birthday is in precisely sixteen days. I’m not really afraid of/affected by turning 30, but it is generally regarded as a significant milestone. There’s nothing I really want to do or place I want to go. It’s just another day. OR IS IT???

Robyn and I are good. 1 year married this January. Work is…work. Our house is slowly getting painted. I play a lot of Fallout: New Vegas when I’m not learning the Rock Band 3 Pro Guitar. Finally saw the Godfather 2 and it was excellent. You may have heard of it, actually. I eat entirely too many peanut butter-filled pretzel bites (but they are soooooo good). Anamanaguchi’s soundtrack for the Scott Pilgrim XBLA game keeps my ears (and mind) humming lately. I almost snared a wedding gig for next October, but my price was too rich for their blood.

And so it goes.

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