Thanksgiving 2010, Fixins

Another year, another turkey engulfed. I am thankful to have family nearby, even if it’s not my own flesh and blood, so that I can be with people who care about me and sit down to a good meal.

After scarfing down poultry, stuffing, sweet potatoes, sweeter potatoes, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, cheesy-bread, olives, pickles, and celery-walnut-pineapple jello, a bunch of us sat down to watch some MythBusters. Once that ended, we learned that Punkin Chunkin is an honest-to-god thing. We watched two straight hours of it, so we are very well aware of its existence now. During the spectacle I had both apple and pumpkin pie, along with some coffee.

My programming project, that of updating via fixing bugs and implementing various features, continues to spiral a bit out of control. I made progress on getting a link to produce a forced download of a file, but that file is empty, existing only in name, so it’s still not quite right. In the meantime, my attention drifts to what songs should be hidden, adjusting color schemes, and cleaning up godawful code that should probably just be scrapped. It’s a wide, long, very confusing rabbit hole this website business is.

Tomorrow: Julian!

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