I love our house. In the summer, for the most part, the insulation kept the inside cool despite it being cold outside. When it didn’t do a good enough job, or it was simply too hot outside, we used the air conditioner.

Well, it’s officially fall now. And it’s gotten pretty cold outside. Apparently, it was 36 degrees this morning. Our house has been in the low 60s, and…well, that’s still kind of cold. Both Robyn and I are exclaiming every five minutes of the frigid climate within our walls. We’re both wearing long pants and several layers on top. Our extremities are not happy. Time to turn on the heater, right?

/go_to_thermostat /move_slider_from_off_to_HEAT /wait /check_vents /listen /sigh

If my IRC commands didn’t clue you in, our heater doesn’t seem to be working. This is the first time we’ve tried to use it and so we have no previous experience to fall back on. It remains cold in the house. Thankfully, we have a warranty on everything for a year so we called in a service request and someone’s gonna investigate in a couple days. I’m really gonna miss this level of service come June of next year.

Until then, we continue to exclaim about the cold. Robyn’s gonna bake cookies just as an excuse to have the oven on. This idea, I cannot argue with, as it is absolute foolishness.

ALSO: It’s the end of NaBloPoMo. Except for some slacking on weekends, both Robyn and I have blogged at least once a day for an entire month. Go us! Now, let’s see if this keeps up.


  1. Congrats! I myself have yet to post regularly. Now about the house, my ex and I kept the yearly warranty payments up for that very reason. Came in handy, too, since our AC failed like clockwork every single year in the TX summers here. For us, it was about 350 a year.

    • We went through several years of having no AC so we sweltered, and it sucked. It’s hard to say if being too cold is really any difference. Extreme temperatures are just uncomfortable.

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