Precipitating the Supplicate

Rain. Water falling from the sky. Crazy stuff, eh? No, not really. I hope you didn’t agree with me.

Precipitation of the liquid variety has been happening forever. In Southern California, however, it doesn’t happen very often. This weekend has been full of rain, oddly enough, and it brings mixed emotions. Listening to the rain fall is relaxing. Watching rain fall is soothing. Getting soaked from it because you forgot to bring an umbrella is less awesome. Having to drive in it is kinda balls. Having to drive in it at night is a larger quantity of balls that one would experience.

I remember driving cross-country with Kate back in the summer of 2004. We had just reached a southern state (maybe Georgia?) and it was nighttime and it was raining. My confidence was as low as my anxiety was high. The one and only car accident I’ve had was at night in the rain. A slick surface sent me spinning, edged on further by someone else hitting me and ended by a highway guardrail. At the time of Kate’s and my trek across the US, it hadn’t been more than a few months since that fateful night, so the memory was still very fresh. Last night’s inclimate weather transportation episode was many many years since, so the memory was much duller. The memory, however, still lives on, triggered sporadically by the falling H20..

Thankfully, no harm befell me during the Georgian excursion, nor did it last night. I’ve been in no accidents since that January night in 2004. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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