Post-Thanksgiving 2010 Day 3 of 3

Our final day in Julian was short, and a little weird, and threw us quite an unexpected turn.

I woke up at about the same time as the day before, venturing downstairs to see others already up. Coffee was brewed and leftover pancakes awaited my hungry stomach. Robyn threw our sheets in the wash and we all read for awhile. Once the wash was done and the sheets were in the dryer, we decided it was time to go. Josh ran through a checklist given to him by Matt and Molly so we had everything off or closed or whatever before we locked up and left.

Once packed and all tasks had been completed, we started down the 79, back to the 8, on our way home. About 10 minutes into our drive, we noticed a girl in an old Dodge Dart make a sudden U-turn right in front of us. Her front-right tire was horribly askew, making forward progress difficult, if not impossible. She kind of pulled over onto the curb as I honked at her a few times at Josh’s behest. She then pulled to a complete stop, as did we.

Josh got out of the car to go check on her. She was fine, but her car definitely was not. She was definitely freaked out, crying and making frustrated gestures, even while talking on Josh’s phone. We offered to take her to where she was going, but she politely refused. A tow truck was called, but we didn’t want her to wait alone, so we hung out, trying to slow cars down on either side, as her wreck was just around a blind curve, making it really easy for people to not see it until it was too late. Thankfully, everything turned out all right, her car was towed, and no one was hurt.

The rest of the drive was pretty non-eventful, experienced mainly by driving and staring out the window. Driving out of Julian is fun as there’re lots of windy roads to navigate, but it also requires you to be very attentive and watch your speed constantly. We arrived back home sometime before noon, dropped Josh off at his car, helped him get his things back into his car, and then said goodbye. We pulled into our garage, feeling relieved to be home, as always.

Julian weekends need to become a consistent thing, I say. The commune-like fashion where we all shared a place and help out with everything…it really works, at least for a short period of time. I like all the people, and I like the place, and I like the activities. I’m really grateful to know everyone involved and I look forward to the next time we do it.

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