Post-Thanksgiving 2010 Day 2 of 3

I woke up on Saturday to the sounds of dishes and people. I’d slept in until almost 9 before finally getting up and venturing downstairs. Pancakes were being made on a griddle, eggs were being whisked together in a bowl, and pan-fried potato cakes were being made on the stove top. I helped with the pancakes for a while as I sipped my coffee. Once all was prepared, we all sat down at Matt and Molly’s table, much like the evening before, and ate our smorgasbord of eats. I could really get to enjoy such a thing.

After breakfast, I bundled up a bit to fight off the chill outside and excused myself to a swing perched below some trees. Maggie had gotten me the entire collection of Bone, a graphic novel, for a birthday a few years ago and I figured now was a good time to actually start reading it. Everyone else was inside where it was warm, reading and discussing things, but I knew I needed the quiet and focus of being outside alone to actually concentrate. After a couple hours Josh joined me outside, momentarily breaking my ability to concentrate, but once Matt came out to talk to him I was able to regain my reading composure.

We all went inside again after a bit and the lot of us went about making lunch in a mini-haphazard way, with most people making turkey sandwiches on the kitchen island and me making a peanut butter and banana jam sandwich. We again sat at the table, communing over food and chattery, which continued to be really fun.

Despite everyone’s ability to immediately get back to whatever they were reading once again, a plan to visit a nearby cider brewery was hatched. We all dressed for the windy and cold outside, drove to the brewery, bought some stuff, didn’t actually do a tasting, and then embarked on some treasure hunting. By that, I mean we did geocaching! Robyn and I did a few geocaches back at the last place we lived, but hadn’t even attempted it since then. We tried to find one at the brewery itself, but were unsuccessful. However, driving a few miles away to a cow pasture netted our first find. With the confidence imbued upon us all by this, we found three more afterward, even going as far as meeting the owner of one of them, mainly because their house was right next to the cache and there were instructions inside it to come on up and say hello. No one seemed to want to do that, but Lea and I were brave and curious enough to, and everyone else eventually followed along. The final cache was at a beautiful vista point, complete with a valley view and rolling clouds. It was really cold this whole time, so we were all happy to go back to the cabin and drink tea and cider.

Stereotypically, the three girls decided to knit, and the four guys decided to play a board game called Cosmic Encounter. Josh pored over the rules for a while and then finally taught us how to play. It’s a bit like Risk, except with lots of chance cards and more interesting battles. I’m thinking Jawn’d probably like it. Matt ended up winning the game in the end, but it was very close. Dinner was a scrumptious Costco tri-tip that Josh brought, along with a squash salad, and baked asparagus. Robyn single-handedly made a Pizookie and everyone agreed it was the bomb. We all agreed we were pretty damn full afterward, too.

Once dinner was over, Matt, Molly, Andy, and Lea all had to go to get to something the next morning, so we said our goodbyes. The rest of us chatted in the living room for a while and then watched A Life Aquatic since I’d never seen it before. Robyn went to bed near the beginning of it,  but Josh and I finished the movie after checking to make sure stuff on the outside deck wasn’t blowing away due to the crazy storm that had found its way into our territory. The wind and rain and thunder went all night, leaving only the wind to continue blowing in the morning.

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