Post-Thanksgiving 2010 Day 1 of 3

Friday morning was the day after Thanksgiving and Robyn and I headed home from her parents’ house (only after a delicious meal at Zov’s, a favorite breakfast spot). We got home around 12, unpacked, repacked differently, met up with Josh outside our Housing Complex, and then were on our way to Julian.

Pulling up to the House that Matt and Molly and Others Built, we noticed no other cars besides our own and Matt and Molly’s. We were expecting at least one more since we were to meet Andy and Lea while up there. Lea was, in fact, there because she’d gotten a ride on an earlier day, and so we were happy to see her, since she had recently moved to Florida for family and it was kind of a mini homecoming. Andy showed up later and the weekend finally began. The mood was one of friendship and relaxation. Hanging out with friends during a traditional holiday time is rare for me, so this was something I had to acclimate myself to. All in all it was awesome and I really couldn’t have asked for a better time.

Josh suggested we finish round two of the beer-tasting we’d began about 8 months ago, and everyone obliged. He poured us weizens and doublebocks and even a lambic. My favorite, predictably, was the Chimay Red, but the doublebock called The Devestator was pretty good, too. We all had homemade turkey pot pie and mashed potatoes for dinner, a kind of post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving meal, replete with much good conversation both important and flippant. After dinner was an amusing game of Cranium followed by conversation that eventually died down as we all started passing out or giving up and going to bed.

The quiet of Julian is palpable compared to the quiet of Santee. The ceiling fan made no noise and there were no vents making high-pitched whining sounds or alleyway talking. I didn’t think I’d fall asleep very quickly, but I did, and the first day in Julian was finished.

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