On Death and Taxes

We’re all gonna die someday (unless science figures out how we can live eternally, and hopefully at our 20-something biologies and psychologies). There. This post is now about “death”.

As for taxes, they are tricky. A community that uses a government which helps do things for the common good needs funds. A good source for that is money from its inhabitants. Thus, taxes. Tax your income, tax your purchases, etc.

Now that we own a home, we pay property taxes. Which, I guess, is sort of like a rental fee to use the land for a residence that we live in…? I’m sure there’s a decent reason as to why they exist, but to me they’re just the most expensive tax I can think of that I now pay.

Recently, we had to pay property reassessment taxes. This comes from the county assessor assessing the land our house is on before the house was actually built on. You see, they didn’t know how the value would change due to a structure being plopped on top of it. Well, our house is now built so they can more reasonably assess this value. Turns out they’re off by several thousand dollars. So, to us, despite already paying property taxes every month, we now have a huge extra check we have to write out that just drained about half of our already ailing savings that were pillaged just to make the down payment to even get into the house we now live in on the land they’ve now recently reassessed the associated taxes therein.


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