Money Money Money Money

You may think this post is about finances. You’d be right. Clever reader.

To preface this, I use to keep track of my finances. Yes, this means they most likely have hashes of all of my financial institution’s online website passwords. I try not to think about it. Why go through the hassle? Mint just makes it too easy. I can’t imagine ever wanting to not use them at this point.

I log on occasionally to check out the transactions I’ve been making, maybe annotate one here or there, and to make sure things are being categorized correctly. Even out of the gate Mint is pretty good at scrounging information from each individual piece of income or payment, with me having to fill in almost nothing. You can auto-filter things, too, so in the end it’s basically doing everything for me. The interface is really swank, too.

The only issue with it is that it doesn’t work with every single account I have, and it doesn’t work with every single account my wife has, either. Also, it doesn’t let you pay off credit cards via their website, so I still keep each individual site bookmarked for that monthly pay-off. But OTHERWISE IS THE GOOD.

Mortgages take a long time to pay off. Another payment is due in a couple days. Sigh.

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