Jawn Weekend #Something or Other

The past weekend was longer than usual, commenced with a burrito, and filled with gaming galore, courtesy of Jawn.

I met Jawn through a mutual friend back in college at some point. Despite him moving to the Bay Area, we have stayed in touch and he graciously comes down to visit once or twice a year. While up there he got into board games hardc0rx0r, so among various other activities like eating or watching funny YouTube videos his visits mostly consist of trying out a subset of the dozen or so boxed, turn-based competitions he brings with him.

Of the many games he brought, Alien Frontiers (rad), Tichu (eh), Cyclades (undecided), Crokenol (rad), Mutation (rad), Maori (pretty cool) and San Juan (pretty cool) were played. Alien Frontiers was a Kickstarter project that is now out of print, so for us to be able to play it (currently) was a boon. Everyone who played seemed to like it a lot. Mutation is significant because it’s a Jawn original, and we all were basically playtesters, finding out what works and doesn’t, and helping him make it better. I look forward to Jawn’s next visit to try more out because the time he’s here is never long enough to try them all, let alone get good at any of them.

Oh, a little-known game calledĀ Rock Band 3 also came out last week. I got it Day One, and it’s been played every single day since. The new keyboard controller is fun, but the keys modality to music is still something that doesn’t quite jibe with me yet. Years of sporadic dabbling on a piano has made me at least decently competent, but it’s not as natural as a guitar or drums. Speaking of which, Pro Drums is where it’s at. Practicing with cymbals before they were charted was good practice for the time when they are, so making that switch hasn’t been as difficult for me as it has for others. I’m kind of chomping at the bit to get the impending Pro Guitar controller, though, as being able to play along to tab is really where all my musical chops reside. Lots of good songs came on the disc, and the new software interface is a significant improvement on Rock Band 2’s. All in all, it’s a very fun game and has rekindled some fading love for the franchise.

Sunday was Halloween, but we went to the requisite costume party the day before at Jess and Charles’s, leaving the day-of festivities to be consumed by passing out candy to a scant few trick-or-treaters and playing Crokenol with Jawn and Josh while idly watching the Rally for Sanity and/or Fear and the Jon Hamm episode of SNL. Our house’s front door is tucked in the very back of our housing complex, most likely not lending itself to prime trick-or-treater territory. Robyn was sad because of this :-(

Josh, Jawn and I talked about something besides gaming last night after Robyn went to bed, discussing work and relationships and babies and the general state of what’s going on in our lives. It was a nice break from all the more-or-less nonstop video and board gaming we had put ourselves through all weekend to the wee hours of each evening. Thinking about the Big Life Goals yet to be attained still make me feel lost and confused, but it’s important to talk about it to keep the ball rolling.

I swear that one of these days we’ll make a trip to NorCal to visit Jawn so the visiting quota doesn’t seem so one-sided, but for now the arrangement we have over the last few years will just have to suffice :-D

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