No matter how big the place I’ve lived in, at some point I’ve felt like I needed to declutter. To purge. The combination of acquisition and entropy eventually lead me to feel a little bit anxious. Also, removing something from my possession to the tune of some easy cash always sounds like a positive move.

Let’s go to the marketplace! There are a few options: yard/garage sale, friends and family, Ebay, certain brick-and-mortar stores, and Craigslist. I’ve mainly sold electronic things to stores, usually for much less than they’re worth, but the quick return is desirable. I’ve never sold anything on Ebay, mainly due to the hassle of setting up the auction, the cut they take, and not wanting to have to ship it anywhere. Friends and family don’t usually want what I have to sell, or I feel bad trying to pawn stuff off on them for money. I did a garage sale with my parents one time and the early morning vulture crowd caught us by surprise, pressuring us into selling stuff for dirt cheap. That leaves Craigslist.

I love Craigslist. It has most of the things I like, including an easy web interface, free listings, and a local audience. Of course, you usually have to let your stuff go for less than you want to, because the community on there generally tries to lowball (I know, I do it, too). Still, the ease of use, fast return, and general likelihood of someone wanting your stuff (I still mainly have experience with electronic stuff or furniture, though) all adds up to a good experience for me. No waiting for an auction to end, and no shipping stuff anywhere. They have free stuff all the time, too, if you’re quick enough to snatch it up.

Robyn and I are currently in the process of selling a few things, one of which sold the same day as the listing. I’m hedging my bets on a few other listings, and we’re probably gonna post even more stuff soon. Even though we’ll probably have to lower our prices on some things eventually, at least I’ll know who it’s going to when I meet up with the buyer(s), get immediate cash for the transaction, not have to go far to do the hand-off, and then we’ll be less clutterful!

2 thoughts on “Declutterification

  1. My decluttering desire is so strong sometimes that I just want to throw things on the “Free” section, merely to be rid of them.

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