It’s July Now and You Know What That Means

Robyn and I celebrated our one-month houseiversary last week. Yes, we’ve already been living in Santee and driving to La Jolla and Hillcrest, respectively, for work for more than 30 days. No longer do I feel any pangs of getting off on Santo on my way home. No longer does it feel weird to only have two people in the house on a regular basis. No longer will I have never written out a mortgage payment to a bank (related: our loan was sold before we even made our first payment). I miss the old shopping center a 5-minute walk away from the place we rented, though.

Things I’ve noticed:

  • I’m not bothered by the frogs that come to life and have conversations all night outside in front of our porch. It really does fade into the background after a while.
  • Having our master bedroom be alley-side should have brought up a red flag. All the noise of people driving into their garages and dogs barking and people talking and heater vent venting outside can be annoyingly evident with the windows open. It’s the middle of summer, and we leave them open as much as possible, so this comes up a lot.
  • Ant sightings have dropped considerably in the past week after we put out about a dozen traps around the house. I hope I didn’t just screw myself by stating that.
  • Still haven’t met any new neighbors since we talked to a couple and their kid(s) across the alleyway and one house over. Not really trying to, though.
  • Walking to Target/Home Depot takes 20 minutes. Walking to Golden Spoon takes 30 minutes. Walking to Vons…has not happened yet.
  • Biking is definitely an option, and a fun one at that.
  • Having a new place that still has the new place smell, replete with new, efficient appliances, is swell.
  • Still gotta put up pictures we printed out from the wedding. They’re in frames and all, but just not on a wall.
  • The downstairs bedroom/music room/gaming room/hangout is awesome. It’s like having an additional apartment under our regular house.
  • Commute is longer than old one, but hasn’t been much of a problem. I wake up a little earlier, is all.

All in all, things are good. We’ve purchased a new bed, new TV, new entertainment center, new cleaning supplies cabinet, new half-height bookcases, and a new dresser. We might still get a new dining table, but it’s been…tabled for now.

I failed to get a good deal on Blur, but it was still purchased. Picture Mario Kart with modern 3D graphics and leveling, and you’ll get Blur. It’s fast, fun, and unrealistic as hell. Robyn and I have embarked on a new LEGO game, too, namely the Harry Potter variety. I’m astounded that the formula can still be reinvigorated at this point, as we’ve already played through Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman.

I started playing DDR again, and even got Robyn a soft pad as only my Feet of Steel can handle the Cobalt Flux on a regular basis. The PS2->USB converter I had been using did not support two-players so I had Asia airlift in a new one (that needs to be tested still) that’ll hopefully rectify the situation.

Fallout: New Vegas is still on the horizon, and it’s a glorious horizon at that.

With all the nesting and gaming going on, I have definitely neglected the composition side of my interests lately. I’ve kind of picked at one piece and reorganized some stuff here and there, but nothing of any significance has emerged. Short film ideas to go along with some themes I’ve written have been formulated, however, and if I ever get around to doing them, they will be of moderate acclaim.

The ambient styling of the Fallout soundtracks works well for workday listening.

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