A Done Deal

My aim to post more often has lost focus, but when it’s not a daily habit the frequency of an activity tends to do that.


What has changed since the last time I wrote about my awesome bachelor party? You may have guessed, but in case not, here it goes: I got married (not sure if that’s viewable when not logged in). My (now) wife Robyn, who, if you’ve read this LJ for any amount of time, probably already know, and I got married at the Scripps Seaside Forum on Jan 23, 2010. The week leading up to the wedding couldn’t have been much more troubling, what with the record amounts of rain and wind plaguing the land of San Diego. Even the night before the wedding, with us all huddled inside the forum for the rehearsal, was fraught with some worry, going through plan B and C, depending on what the weather had in store for us.

Then, magically, the day of was clear as a bell, and all went according to plan, save for moving the seating arrangement off of the grass and onto the cement entrance just in front of it. Everyone showed up, people ate, and we actually got married. We each said specific vows, which made me smile, and Robyn was beautiful. The music we chose for the ceremony and reception all seemed to work well, the photographers took A LOT of pictures, we played Blackbird with Kathy for our first dance, and it was great to see so many awesome people under one roof. All our vendors did great work and the food was yummy. Having both Jawn and Anna around for the preceding week was really fun and helpful.

A wedding is a ton of work, and Robyn worked so hard to organize so many aspects of the wedding itself. While it was not always easy for various reasons, she made it through with panache. I love her and am very glad to be married to her.


After a wedding comes the equally (if not even more) awesome honeymoon. Ours was a cruise down to Mexico to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. The middle port was spent hanging out on the ship being chill, but the first included an outdoor adventure featuring ziplining, rapelling, and rope bridges, while the latter saw us eating salsa, tortillas, and chile relleños made (at least in part) by us (and it was all really freaking good). This was only my second cruise ever, but it was similar to the first except we weren’t going to such historically interesting (at least to me) places, so the ship and our two excursions were the highlights of the trip. After a week at sea, it was good to get back to routine and start our new life as a married couple. So far, it’s pretty much the same as non-married life, but I feel giddy to introduce Robyn as my wife now, basically :-)


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Exciting things are possibly coming in the next week. Stay tuned!

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