Not Much, But It Feels Right

Making regular LJ posts makes me happy. Too bad it’s blocked at work now, and so I can’t really keep up during my usual sit-at-a-computer-for-long-stretch-of-time block.


I got to see Kim for the first time in several months tonight. I gave her a big hug and told her I missed her. I did and will continue to do so as long as our visits stretch beyond days and into weeks and months like they seem to do. Thankfully, no matter how much time seems to transpire, our friendship feels as fresh and familiar as always. For this, I give thanks.


It’s late and I should get some sleep. Will I ever learn? (Protip: not anytime soon)

5 thoughts on “Not Much, But It Feels Right

  1. Although it’s slightly inconvenient, I used to email LJ entries to myself from work and then post them once I got home. That was all before the Big Email Bust of 2009 though. Now I’m a “good” girl.

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