Hello Twenty-Ten

Sitting here with Robyn, both of us on our respective laptops, semi-watching the Rose parade countdown (even though it’s already happened, so this is a replay), and I thought I should make an LJ post. SO HERE WE GO!

With the advent of Twitter and the micro-sizing of our thoughts, writing an entire 140+ character post on LJ seems daunting. At the beginning of the popularly-observed decade, that which starts at 2010, using LJ was still new, but caught on quickly, and I was making posts all the time. Now, if I can get one or two out in a month, that’s significant. It’s not like my life is any less interesting, as cool stuff happens all the time, but my desire to type about it in this place has lessened significantly. It appears that several of my friends who used to use LJ a lot have experienced the same thing. I’m not sure if this means LJ is losing its importance to the point of obsolescence, but I doubt it will ever have the same ranking it once did.

I made 49 LJ posts in 2009, starting with the one on January 1, 2009. That’s less than 1 a week. In contrast, in 2004, I was making a post almost every day, and often multiple times each day. Obviously, that’s all moved to Twitter. Will something come out this year to tear us all away from that?

I went to a New Year’s Eve party last night. Robyn, Maggie, Justin and I all got into Robyn’s Prius and drove to Jessica and Charles’s place in Hillcrest at about 8 or so last night. Most of the party’s members were already there, but we were not the latest ones, that being Josh and Russ, who came around 10:30pm. Julia and Matt, along with their kids Kyle and Ayala, Matt and Ashleigh, and their kid Savannah, and, of course, the hosts, Charles and Jessica, with their 0.5 kid Professor Charlesworth the Vth, were all in attendance. We all ate lots of random yummy food, played Balderdash, voted songs on the iTunes playlist using our iPhones, and watched Dick Clarkfunktron 5000’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Bash with Immensely Personable and Affable but Kinda Douchey Ryan “Set Sail for the Open Sea” Crest at about 30 minutes to 2010. At 10 to 2010 I called Jaclyn and Kim, set them on speakerphone, and rang in the new year as we counted down from 10 together.

It’s all exciting in a theoretical way, but the rote behavior is not really exciting in practice. Hanging out with several friends, as is always the case, is what is fun, and everything else is just window dressing.

I put out two albums this year, Average Town and Majicking. Using the photos Robyn took over 2 years of the construction of the Scripps Seaside Forum, I was able to make a video and write the music behind it. Hopefully, 2010 will bring the completion of The Matic, Strings, and maybe some actual recording of Kaleidoscopic.

As far as web design work goes, I made massive updates to Nebyoolae.com and Nebyooweb.com (I moved them from regular ol’ PHP to the CakePHP framework), as well as mobile stylesheets for the above, plus a few others. Jimmy and I worked on http://morethingsneed.to, which will hopefully go live sometime this year. I plan to move all my sites to a new host, and get them all hooked up to a proper CVS like Git.

2009 was the year of the cruise to Europe, the engagement between Robyn and me, and the leaving of my full-time position at an ailing small company for a temp job at the major medical facility. 2010 will be the year of our marriage and subsequent cruise to Mexico. I look forward to finding out what else occurs.

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