Bachelor Party of Much Greaticity

OK. I’m conscious and showered. This is after sleeping from 9am to 1pm today. Which followed being up from 10am the previous day until 9am today. Yes, I pulled an all-nighter. But thanks to Jawn, Josh, Matt, Chaz, Russ, and Jibs, it was glorious. A smorgasbord of video gaming was had, and I’m going to elucidate ya’lls in what went down.

As soon as Jawn and I arrived at Josh’s, we could see he’d already been hard at work setting up the event. He had a few computers in a back room set up to play networked Doom/Doom2/Heretic/Hexen. We got our laptops out and set up Skulltag to get in on the action. More peeps showed up over the next few hours, all joining in on the old-school fun.

So, to begin, we played a few levels of Doom, and then a few levels of Doom 2. Then we switched to Mario Kart 64 on an actual N64, courtesy of Jibs. We tried to play Goldeneye, but the cartridge wouldn’t work, as most other N64 catridges fared, as well. So, we turned to emulation. Thankfully, technology allowed us to not only play Goldeneye, but to play Goldeneye in 1280×760 resolution on a 46″ LCD TV (I also checked out Chameleon Twist on the N64 just beforehand, because who wouldn’t with a name like that?). During that, Super Mario Kart and NBA Jam was being played by others on Chaz’s computer. I installed Star Trek Online on my computer, tested it for about 5 minutes, and will probably end up deleting it soon.

Next, was Pilotwings 64. Hang gliding while shooting rockets is fun. Then, we continued the emulation with Mario Kart 64, this time in higher resolution. Turok 64 is a hideous game. The N64 exhausted, we turned to Colecovision emulation. Buck Rodgers failed, an odd balloon game I couldn’t figure out, and a weird version of Frogger AND Frogger_.

After that, SNES emulation. This included Killer Instinct, a Japanese-language version of Bomberman, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

After that, NES emulation. We rocked both Skate or Die and Skate or Die 2 before letting Jibs show us all how to beat Shadowgate. He had to stop for a minute and the momentum failed, so we watched Speedruns for a while. We viewed Clue done in 3 seconds, Marble Madness done in about 3 minutes, Diablo in 7 minutes, and Morrowind in 9 minutes. It was about 1:30am, and Matt left.

Turned on the 360, and Chaz suggested we download an indie game called the Impossible Game. This ended up entrancing Josh for at least 15 minutes straight. The demo ended at a specific point, and he immediately bought it. Heh. Then we played both Pure Yellow Colour DLC songs several times, giving me more useful feedback to polish them up. To keep up the rhythm game idea, we switched to DJ Hero for a while. Josh and Chaz and Jawn all played and then I took over. Chaz exited around 3 or so.

We needed to not be interactive for a while, so we switched the HTPC to Uniqlock. After about 45 minutes of Japanese clothing store brainwashing, and a discussion of its ins and outs, and an exit by Russ, we tried out VVVVVV and Canabalt. We’re at 4 or 5am now.

After that, Josh demo downloaded and played a demo called Eternity’s Child, which had boring gameplay, but sweet graphics and a soundtrack that was reminiscent of Danny Elfman. We vegged out and chatted while that game sat going in the background.

Finally, at about 6:30am, Jibs packed up and left, and we turned on the PS3. I suggested Shatter, because of playing it at Ben’s place, and while it downloaded, Jawn played Flower for a while. Shatter finished downloading, and I showed everyone the majesty of a Breakout game on Geometry Wars-type steroids.

7:30am hit the clock, and Jawn and I decided it was time to go home and try to get some sleep, despite feeling pretty awake, having gotten 3rd or 4th winds, and feeling the effects of caffeine and interaction overload.

You can count up the number of games we played, because I’m pretty much done with it for now :-D

4 thoughts on “Bachelor Party of Much Greaticity

  1. Wait… who owns DJ Hero?

  2. What? No Cheetos or Mountain Dew? :P

    Actually, it sounds like the party of my dreams…

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