As We Lay Before the Beginning of 2010

The New Year’s weekend is almost over and I’m fighting it. I haven’t even been on vacation as long as Robyn and I share her disdain with returning to work tomorrow.

The best part of vacation is just being able to do whatever. Often little is planned, and you don’t lose half the day driving to an office and being in a cubicle all day (in my case, at least). We worked on music stuff, watched Avatar 3D, made food, hung out with friends, played through a game together, got a bunch of wedding stuff accomplished, and watched lots of random TV. It was great.

Tomorrow, the old routine is back. Routine, while mature and adult, will never hold the basic delight of improvisation for me. Thankfully, I’m starting the year out better than before. I made my lunch as well as some sandwiches for future ones this week, and we switched to decaf for morning coffee fix. You never how long the will is going to last for lifestyle changes like this, but I figure as long as I start small it might be possible to make a large change over time.

Speaking of changes, this is my second LJ post in three days (and I’m writing this one on the iPhone), so how about that?

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2 thoughts on “As We Lay Before the Beginning of 2010

  1. Very impressed that you wrote it on the iPhone!

  2. I’m impressed that you went a whole weekend without hooking in Hillcrest.

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