My car is finally paid off! Well, it is slated to be today, as it’s the 15th of the month, and that’s when the auto-payment dealio fires off. I won’t get the deed/title to it for a few weeks, I’m sure, but I’ll be framing that bad boy and placing it on the wall as soon as I do. And by that I mean it will sit in our mail organizational thing for at least a week before I even open it to confirm its existence, and then it’ll go into a drawer somewhere.

I’m not someone who has car brand loyalty, despite the fact that the only cars I’ve selected to drive as my own (one leased and now one owned) are Saturn. That being said, I can still remember turning in my Saturn SC1 back on September 15, 2003 to the dealership, being modestly persuaded to not do another lease and instead purchase my own vehicle.

Ownership is one of those intangible qualities that a lot of people, including me, apparently, like to strive for in their things. We want to own our car, our residence, our music and movies and video games, and our human laborers. Indentured servitude is soooo several centuries ago. Buying something new and then having it in some concrete way that no one else can lay claim to is a force to be reckoned with. And to that end, I signed on a different dotted line (actually, I doubt it was dotted), and drove off in my emerald green Saturn Ion 2. Save for a CD player and air conditioning, it was completely stock.

Except for The Big Accident back in 2004 (which may have been the reason for the air conditioning and CD player to be somewhat temperamental), my car has been pretty incident-free. I scraped the car’s paint in some places and the windshield has some sizable cracks in it, but otherwise it looks good. I did have to get the ignition replaced, as well as all the tires a couple times, which both sucks and blows. I get about 330 miles per ~12 gallon tank, and that’s pretty decent.

All in all, I’m happy with my purchase. Unfortunately, according to the Blue Book, it has not retained much value ($16k at start, $4k now), so I hope it works for another 6 years at least, cuz I ain’t getting squat for it.

This is my first car that I have owned. There is some pride in that. I have more pride in erasing a $250/mo car payment off my monthly expenses, though.

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  1. Not bad at all. According to the Kelly Blue Book, my car is worth less than the sales tax spent on my Macbook Pro.

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