Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine

It’s finally here. It’s the ninth of September, year 2009 of our Lord. That means, in American numerical date format, it’s 09/09/09. All this Beatlemania rebrewing can finally runneth over its cup. Hopefully, when we get home tonight, a huge box will be waiting for us.

My feet hurt. Some combination of wearing nice shoes to work for the past 6 weeks and playing DDR that one time and playing racquetball barefoot yesterday afternoon has given me a set of tender tootsies.

My work on the website has been less focused, mainly due to two things: 1) It feels like it’s coming to a stopping point, and 2) there’s some other department starting to enforce uniformity on both external and internal websites (mine’s intranet) and they say they’re the ones to do the initial design (making a lot of my work pointless). We had a meeting last week about it that was eye-opening for our department and made me feel kind of useless. All of this makes me feel kind of meh.

Today, we start work on building a new server for the database system they use here, something that doesn’t exactly enthrall me, especially since I don’t know what I’m going to be doing to help out just yet.

Overall, I’ve found a niche to inhabit here, but I feel like that niche could change at any moment.

It occurs to me, out of the blue, it would seem, that I’m getting married. I look at Facebook and see “Robyn Daly is engaged to Michael Chadwick” and I do a mini double-take. Or I glance at her left hand. Or it comes up in conversation with someone. It all makes me very happy inside, though, and very lucky to be where I am in life.

I heard at least one peep got swine flu at PAX this year. Kind of makes me OK with not having gone.

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