12 thoughts on “I’m on Kotaku

  1. HOLY CRAP that’s awesome dude!! Did you submit it or did they find it?

    • I finally submitted it after about 7 months. I sent it to a few other places, too, and got one (positive!) response so far, but only Kotaku has deemed it worthy to post.

      • I read through the Kotaku comments and there’s quite abit of constructive but a tad harsh (yay internet-fuckwad-theory!) criticism. I bet it is great to get lots of feedback though…i’m curious how your page hit counter will look for the week.

        • My site was getting network time-outs this morning, which was rather odd. Now I know why ;-)

          Criticism was expected. I have plenty of harsh criticism for it myself, so while it’d be more ideal for everyone to think my shit was super tight, it’s simply not the truth. Reading praise still works everytime, though.

  2. Nice!! Congratulations, dude! Get ready for a LOT of traffic. XD

  3. Congrats, man!

    You might also consider distributing through Jamendo.

    • They only take uploads in WAV, AIFF, and FLAC? No MP3? Seriously?

      How useful are they in exposure? Never heard of them before, and the album is already on SoundCloud, which seems pretty similar.

      • I think they’re UK-based, but they have a solid interface. Don’t know how they compare to similar offerings. Wikipedia probably has comparative info on the lot of them.

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