New Video: Alaska Yo Ho

Another entry in the now-illustrious "The Matic" music video line is now up. This time it features a family cruise to Alaska. Starting in Vancouver, Canada, we shipped out to Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and finally ended in Whittier, wherein my wife and I took a bus ride through a mountain to Anchorage. httpv:// The rest of the ...

New Video: Narcissus Terminus

Everything is a little different at night, bathed in the pale moonlight or the stark streetlight. In my latest video from the upcoming "The Matic" album we all take a little trip outside during the later hours. A tense soundtrack, self-titled, tries to draw you in while still putting you on edge at least a little. httpv://

New Video: TiVo on the Lam

Oh, no! The TiVos have been falsely accused of watching U-Verse and have been locked in the county jail. Fear not, though, for they have a plan. Featuring more music from the upcoming "The Matic" release, "Mellifluous" is a cute, little suspense spy theme to accompany our favorite DVR mascots' escape from imprisonment. Check it out! httpv://