Flat.io and Composer Quest

A few months ago one of my favorite podcasts ended. I was actually on Composer Quest a few times as a guest, and the host even stayed with me for a night during his World Tour. All in all, Charlie made a very cool thing, and I’ll miss it.

Before it ended, however, there was a challenge called the Composer Quest Olympics. Six events, each one with its own Olympic event theme. The second event was called Table Tennis, and I got paired up with a guy named Jared Coffin to compose something in a back-and-forth manner, just like table tennis itself.

The finished product is here:

However, the initial seed was done in Flat.io, which is a great tool and works like Sibelius on the Web. They recently started allowing you to embed your scores in a neat little iframe, and so I can share the rough origin of the track (that is, without the improved timing, instrument, and effects).

Fly Like Venus Album and Gigs

The sweet rock band I’m currently in, Fly Like Venus, is getting more legit everyday.

News The One: we’re currently recording the final track of our first album. It’s kind of the power ballad of the whole thing, and so has a nice quiet beginning that gets rocking later. Once that’s done we can send it off for mastering, and then we’ll have something to show off to everyone who hasn’t been holed up in a garage once a week for over a year.

News the Two: we just played a show at a friendly little bar in town and rocked their doors off. I feel bad that the first two songs were a bit out of tune, which was largely my fault, but I think we made up for it. Not used to doing these kinds of things, so I’m off my game on the “playing live” tip. In fact, I’m going to get more practice very soonish, because we have a couple gigs lined up in the next few¬†months (and a few more in the works).

News the Three: a new live video for “Scenes from My Window” appears!

How I Didn’t Finish the 2017 RPM Challenge

The RPM Challenge is an annual, um, challenge to make an album of music in a month. That’s 35 minutes or 10 songs, whichever comes first. I completed it once in 2010, which was when I made my first album of both music and lyrics.

Each year after I’ve thought about doing it again, but either couldn’t find the motivation or inspiration. For some reason, though, this year felt different, despite knowing I didn’t really have time or ability. I logged in, said I was going to do it, and then…did not. I got a few lyrical ideas jotted down, and even recorded a couple sketches, but nothing legitimate materialized, and it sucks. Musical projects usually get priority, but the style of music I was intended to do (folk with lyrics) was too ambitious for me, and it would require actually recording myself, which requires quiet and focus, and not just zoning out in Logic with headphones for hours.


It never feels good to say you’re going to do something and then not do it. Thankfully, there’s no penalty for not completing the RPM Challenge, except that I don’t have more music to add to my body of work, but that’s OK. There’s still lots of back catalog to go through every now and then, and Fly Like Venus‘s album is almost out!